Nico Schaerer im National Geographic Interview

Swiss photographer Nico Schaerer has travelled all over the world, making him appreciate the beauty of his home country all the more. He talks about the rewards and challenges of shooting Swiss nature in winter, and his favourite wild spot to destress.

Zurich-based professional photographer Nico Schaerer can often be found hanging from a helicopter or cross-country skiing through his native Switzerland to capture the perfect shot. Having graduated from the St Joost School of Art & Design in Breda, Netherlands, in 2002, he globetrotted for years, travelling across South America by motorbike, all the while developing his acclaimed portfolio and bagging commercial deals with high-profile clients such as Red Bull, Coca-Cola and Credit Suisse. Here, he tells us what he loves about photographing the elemental drama of Switzerland.

What do you love about shooting Swiss nature in winter?

It’s so beautiful in the mountains during winter. When the snow comes, everything slows down — it’s incredibly quiet. I guess the snow absorbs the noise. If I’m shooting personal projects in nature, I’ll usually hike up on skis. Capturing the changing weather can be really spectacular. I just take my camera and go with an open mind. For me, when it comes to shoots in nature, I love finding those big empty spaces. And the thing about Switzerland is there’s so much emptiness to be found if you’re willing to travel just a couple of hours from the city.

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