On the Road in the South of China

Dense fog. A white wall. Behind it one of the most spectacular landscapes in China. But just behind it. No matter where – whether on the highest point, in the west or east of the mountain area of Yuanyang – everywhere the same picture. But we didn’t fly halfway around the world. Frustration. Mood low. And then hope. After forty hours the first cracks appeared in the sky. We set off, turned our program upside down and began with the picture production.

The journey through the south of China and into the heart of Hong Kong constantly presented us with new challenges. Light, the essence of photography, determined our days, demanded patience.

Now we are sitting in our hotel room with a view of the skyline of Hong Kong Island. Departure in four hours. We agree: the effort was worth it. Once again we can travel home with a high-quality set of pictures – of rice terraces, stone forests and skyscrapers – and open a window into the world for the viewers.

The pictures will soon be available here on nuvu.