Swiss Peaks


Hopping by helicopter over the Swiss Alps

A dozen flights were needed to produce the series Swiss Peaks. A work in lofty heights, in the midst of the sublime Swiss mountains. A job that demanded a lot of preparation from the team around Nico Schaerer: weather conditions and safety played a decisive role.
The photographer, who grew up in Switzerland himself, says: “The mountains are my retreat”. Nature lovers can also often be found in the Alps in their private lives. This attachment to the giants can be felt when you look at the pictures.

Whoever dives into these pictures travels to where peace and power have their origin. Where the energy of millions of years is at home. These summits were there long before us and will impress many generations after us. Because they are stronger than anything man has created. The Alps cover more than half of Switzerland. They have shaped the people and the country. For millions of years they have defied every storm, no matter how violent, and rise out of the sea of fog like islands of peace.