Our Bremen article in the current Swiss Magazine

A cock, a cat, a dog and a donkey made their way to Bremen. But the Bremen Town Musicians never reached the city. They settled in a robber’s house in the woods in front of the city – and missed something. It is a pleasure to stroll through the alleys of the Schnoorviertel and in the Wall, a park. At the market place you go “coffee making”. This is what the people of Bremen call the enjoyment of coffee and cake. And when the Bundesliga football club SV Werder Bremen is playing, a green column moves to the Weser Stadium. Yes, while football is a matter close to the heart here and unites people, the Weser divides the city. Only geographically, of course. In fact, it connects the port city with the world. Shipping and trade brought Bremen the first coffee factory in Europe. Even today, every second coffee bean is imported via Bremen. And the Bremen Town Musicians? Well, if they didn’t die, they still live today – and perhaps they will make it to Bremen after all.

The full article in the ePaper of the October issue of SWISS Magazine: Swiss Magazine