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© Nico Schärer, Limited Edition, signed and numbered


Hahnemühle laminated on aluminium, without frame
Acrylic glass matt, without frame
Acrylic glass matt, aluminium frame (black)
Acrylic glass matt, wood shadow gap frame (black)


80 x 60cm | edition of 25

120 x 90cm | edition of 25

140 x 105cm | edition of 25

160 x 120cm | edition of 25

About the picture

Powerful. Intrepid. And yet calm. A herd of two hundred elephants passed by. A herd on a journey, on a safari. She hardly noticed us. Except him, one of the greatest specimens of all. He came towards us, stopped and looked at us. What a moment. Fascination. What an experience. That’s why we travel. Today and in the future.

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120 x 90 cm, 160 x 120 cm (Self-Collection Gallery Zurich), 180 x 135 cm (self-collection Zurich Gallery), 200 x 150 cm


Acrylic glass matt, without frame, Alu dibond Hahnemühle, without frame, Alu dibond Hahnemühle, wood shadow gap frame (black), Canvas Hahnemühle, Alu dibond matt laminated, wood shadow gap frame (black, 4 cm), Acrylic glass matt with wood shadow gap frame (black), Hahnemühle laminated (without frame)