Pared de Hielo

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Pared de Hielo, Patagonien
© Nico Schaerer, Limited Edition, signed and numbered


Acrylic glass matt, without frame
Hahnemühle laminated on aluminium, without frame


60 x 45cm | edition of 20

80 x 60cm | edition of 20

100 x 75cm | edition of 20

120 x 90cm | edition of 20

140 x 105cm | edition of 10

160 x 120cm | edition of 5

About the picture

Walls are collapsing. Always. And it is the same constant power that determines its end: time. It is patient. A revolution may smash a wall after a few decades. Berlin. Great cultures build walls for centuries. China. Nature for millennia. Glaciers. None will remain. Time is unyielding. Pebbles for pebbles. Drop by drop. Transience is the gift of time; it ensures renewal.

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