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Geiranger, Norwegen
© Nico Schaerer, Limited Edition, signed and numbered


Acrylglas matt, ohne Rahmen
Hahnemühle aufkaschiert, ohne Rahmen


60 x 45cm | edition of 15

80 x 60cm | edition of 20

100 x 75cm | edition of 20

120 x 90cm | edition of 20

140 x 105cm | edition of 10

160 x 120cm | edition of 10

About the picture

Silence. Cold air. The paddles cut through the smooth water surface. The kayak glides gently across the lake. A battle rages in the sky. Clouds, black darkness against light. Against warming sunbeams. Take a deep breath. Let the paddles rest, turn your attention upwards. The sun penetrates the clouds. Brings contrast, reflections, shadows and highlights. Life and warm air. Continue paddling. And enjoy the solitude of the wilderness.

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80 x 60 cm, 120 x 90 cm, 140 x 105 cm (self-collection Zurich Gallery), 140 x 105 cm (self-collection Zurich Gallery), 160 x 120 cm (Self-Collection Gallery Zurich)


Hahnemühle laminated (without frame)