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Der Gezeichnete, La Réunion
© Nico Schaerer, Limited Edition, signed and numbered


Hahnemühle laminated on aluminium, without frame
Acrylic glass matt, without frame
Acrylic glass matt, aluminium frame (black)


60 x 45cm | edition of 20

80 x 60cm | edition of 20

100 x 75cm | edition of 20

120 x 90cm | edition of 20

140 x 105cm | edition of 20

180 x 135cm | edition of 5

About the picture

A work of art. So he stood there, surrounded by forest and fog. This tree was different – it looked as if it had been drawn by an artist. As if a painter had created the fine lines, the filigree ramifications and the simple colour picture. And yet leafless, without the juicy green of his fellow artists. Naked. Drawn by life.

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100 x 75 cm, 120 x 90 cm, 140 x 105 cm (self-collection Zurich Gallery), 180 x 135 cm (self-collection Zurich Gallery), 60 x 45 cm, 80 x 60 cm


Acrylic glass matt (without frame), Acrylic glass matt with aluminium frame (black), Hahnemühle laminated (without frame)