Capture The Moment

At the airport shortly before the flight home Nico showed me the picture. I was astonished, because I didn’t realize that he was photographing at that time. But I could still remember the moment. There were seconds full of magic. A collision of two worlds.

We rode motorcycles through the Laotian mountain region north of Luang Prabang. At the end of the day we hired a local to sail upriver with his boat. We stopped at the shore on a sandbank. I wanted to let the drone go. Change of perspective.

Concentrated I prepared everything for the flight. Then I let the drone fly. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a boat with two boys heading for the sandbank, which then jumped ashore full of enthusiasm. CLICK. That’s when the photo was taken. The two boys saw a drone for the first time in their lives. The enthusiasm, the euphoria, they could have been grasped with their hands.

At the same time, it was a situation that made us think. It showed in an exemplary way the different pace at which the world is heading for the future. What changes are waiting for the boys? Will they be confronted with globalization, digitalization? How quickly? Will they be overrun by it or will a world of the abandoned emerge?

And then one really gets into thinking. Have we not come here, to the other end of the earth, to meet this pure world? Yes, why do we seek simplicity, the original and at the same time build a complex, artificial future while travelling?

Pictures do not give answers. They inspire and stimulate reflection. Or as we are used to saying: “Our pictures are a window into the world”.