About Us

The nuvu image worlds are created during journeys and reportages that lead the photographer Nico Schaerer together with the travel journalist Martin Hoch to the most remote places as well as to the world metropolises of our planet.



The Swiss photographer Nico Schaerer (left) discovered photography early on as a means of expressing his thoughts and views. He studied at the renowned “Academy of Art and Design St. Joost” in Breda/NL and, after graduating in 2001, travelled halfway around the world in a self-converted bus. Guided by his impressions, emotions, nature and cultures, his characteristic visual language developed, which earned him many awards and commissions. Today Nico Schaerer lives again in Switzerland and works as a freelance photographer worldwide.


The Swiss travel journalist Martin Hoch (right) dedicated more than seven years to travelling. Whether by train, bus, sailing boat or converted bus, his encounters with people and his love of nature were important to him. He loves his homeland, the Swiss Alps, and at the same time, as a freelance travel journalist, he always travels somewhere in the world.